The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In The World - Europe Travel Advice

The Most Romantic  Island Destinations For Your Honeymoon  In The World - Europe Beach Honeymoon Destinations - Travel Advice

When it comes to leaving on a trip of newly-weds, choose the destination is a careful task. Let's make this a little easier for you. The ten most romantic and idyllic destinations for your honeymoon. Not able to resist
Tahiti - Paradise on the beach for their honeymoon. Exotic destinations where the most romantic settings.
Planning a honeymoon trip need not be a difficult point in the whole organization of the wedding, especially when there are so many destinations and places you can choose the destination. If we seek to have a dream holiday we have between our considered alternatives to the best destinations for our honeymoon.

Tahiti Islands In French Polynesia - Tahiti is one of the exotic destinations of honeymoon favored by most romantic and lovers of nature. In the group of islands in French Polynesia as Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Fakarava Nuku Hiva or, most hotels are located on the water and have spectacular views of private beaches. Several of his exclusive lodgings have been selected as the best in the world of its kind. Each has its merits, but the most luxurious are characterized by an architecture that respects the natural environment.

The French influence in the area can be seen by its rustic yet exclusive buildings designed to maintain the privacy of the couples. Without sacrificing the comforts of the modern world as the use of technology. The rooms have plasma TVs and Wi Fi. The atmosphere is quiet and among the main activities are diving and snorkeling in coral reefs and surfing. The islands have more than 100 small islands with white sand beaches accessible only by boat and where you can spend a day in their luxury tours designed for couples that includes gourmet cuisine in the shade of a coconut tree. In the capital, Papeete, where the international airport where flights arrive and air, is the ideal place for shopping and visit their markets for shopping, where you can buy the listed beads and jewellery.

Luxury destination Thailand - This precious honeymoon destination not only combines pristine beaches, vibrant culture is also an interesting and delicious cuisine. One of the most popular beaches and the largest in Thailand is Phuket, where the most beautiful hotels and a wild nature. Another missed stop is the famous Koh Pha Ngan, known for being the scene of the movie "The Beach" in which he starred Leonardo di Caprio. Each island is a paradise to discover.

This destination host is characterized by leading hotels like the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, which has swimming pools in the rooms overlooking the island Pha Ngan and the Gulf of Siam, the Amanpuri, which has services for private cruises around the islands; or Sajorin, one of the most exclusive and romantic boutique hotels in the world. In the nature reserve Angthong National Marine Park brings together more than 40 islands, reefs and forests. A must for those who enjoy nature walks. On any trip to Thailand a few days you have to spend his capital Bangkok and see the Buddhas, the Residence Palace and its floating markets and restaurants. Definitely, the ancient culture of this part of Asia makes this trip a unique experience.

Jamaica Caribbean and jungle - Jamaica is the only Caribbean island jungle and therefore offers unique attractions such as its large mountains vegetation that end in the sea and wild Caribbean beaches that are the desire of couples. Ocho Rios is an exclusive hotel like Sandals or RIU offering excellent facilities. There are several themed packages such as Dunn's Riverm Dolphin Cove and Mystic Mountain. Reserve a day to visit Negril. For the more daring, ask for alternatives for adults and Hedonism

Bahamas beaches sonadas - Bahamas is synonymous with virgin islands and private beaches. This part of the Caribbean has other attractions like the picturesque streets of Nassau to get lost with your partner away from it all. Bahamas is characterized by luxury hotels, but not many people have an all-inclusive. Stresses in this category SandalsRoyal Bahamian. Here is also the famous Atlantis, one of the world's finest hotels. It has its own water park with slides of up to 38 meters high. There are also alternatives for adults only accommodations and special packages for honeymooners. Also, remember that The Bahamas is a free port so it is not only paradise beach and sea, also tax free shopping.

Maui Hawaii Legends - The legendary island of Maui is a classic destination honeymoon for young couples. Its volcanic islands are surrounded by beautiful beaches famous for surfers in the world. Its rugged terrain can also hike through the woods to the top of volcanoes. Maui hotels are surrounded by green landscapes and have private beaches. On this island are located also the luxury shops at the shopping sprees is a highly recommended activity. Travelers agree that one of the attractions of the place, apart from their natural environment and its comfortable hotels, is also the friendliness of the locals.

Feel the call of nature - Overview of the Serengeti National Park - Rare is the child who has never dreamed of a safari in Africa, perhaps encouraged by films like The Lion King. And how are the children's dreams are more illusion, more people on this trip, either as a honeymoon or how family trip. Can be made safaris Kenya, South Africa and Namibia, but certainly Tanzania is the country where the traveler gets to feel part of nature.

A throughout the whole country there are pockets worthy of appearing in the Lion King, not surprisingly, the landscapes of the film are made ​​in the image and likeness of the Serengeti National Park largest in Africa. But others, such as Amboseli and Lake Manyara, where you can see large groups of pink flamingos. Then there is the Ngorongoro Crater with its characteristic lunar landscape and has its own ecosystem with its altitude lakes and forests of flooded forest area of the crater center, offering a chance to see animals like hyenas.

Cook Islands - The Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana Neyra was who first sighted the islands in 1595, but was the legendary British explorer James Cook who claimed for the British crown in 1776, giving rise to its current name. Today, the archipelago located between Tahiti and Tonga offers volcanic islands, turquoise lakes, atolls, deserted beaches, underground caves and landscapes that depict a world in an almost virginal, very difficult to find today.

Note: you must change the New Zealand dollar foreign exchange, the official currency of the islands. You may want to revise your knowledge of English, provided they do not know how to speak Maori, the two languages ​​that handle the locals.

Fiji Islands - Do you remember Jim Carrey in the movie 'The Truman Show', obsessive pursuing the dream ever come to the islands Fiji? Fiji Islands, in a sense, are the representation of the hidden paradise. 100 of the 400 islands that make up this archipelago are uninhabited, and some of them have not yet been trodden by man. The white sands, in contrast to the crystal clear waters and volcanic formations, make up a landscape of a postcard, ideal for romantics.

Note : If your case does not need a visa, you must still file a return ticket to be let to enter Fiji.

Senegal - It is the most popular destination among African countries, though not excessively applied as a site for the honeymoon. However, Senegal combines natural beauty with architectural gems that provides the capital, Dakar. Its clear waters are ideal for scuba diving, while parks and nature reserves will approach the wildest Africa. It is a cheap destination as a hotel and food will not spend more than about 40 euros a day per person.

Note : The best time to visit Senegal is between November and February.

Zanzibar - Caught between East and Africa, the island of Zanzibar retains traces most important of the Swahili culture. His interest as a honeymoon destination, however, is not that. The romance of Zanzibar lies in its landscape, which evokes a lost island in the confines of the world. The mixture of Eastern exoticism with overwhelming African vegetation does the rest, allowing you to enjoy spice scented forests and unique wildlife of the area.

To remember: avoid travelling in July and August, if possible. The historic, world heritage of mankind, is full of tourists.

Mauritius - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is Mauritius, an island-scented air Arabia and Europe. The beaches and islands are lost part of its charm, but Mauricio combine these natural attractions with the presence of Hindu temples, markets, colonial houses and a fairy tale fauna (abundant deer and exotic birds). Much it rains between December and April, a useful data when making travel arrangements.

Note : If you do not want to get the 'traveler's diarrhea, "a common malady named for visitors should be careful when buying food from street vendors.

Costa Rica - The ideal place to break away from the stereotype of Central America as violent and dangerous place is Costa Rica, a friendly country which is characterized by its high human development index. It also has reason to be chosen as a destination for honeymoon. Costa Rica has an enviable natural diversity: in your territory you can find volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls, pristine beaches and overflowing wildlife. In addition, its people are very quiet and are accustomed to tourism, so it will not need a guide to cross its most interesting.

Note : if your flight stops in the United States, you may need a special visa. Asesórate in the U.S. Embassy.
Martinique - Martinique is a place to start your own pace, completely away from the hustle and modern pressures. Of French rule and located in the Caribbean Sea, near South America, Martinique belongs to the Lesser Antilles.

The scent of flowers is one of the main attractions of the island, known for the abundance of lilies and orchids, in contrast to a landscape full of volcanic cliffs. It is also an ideal place for couples wanting to have fun and enjoy the singing and dancing, there is no shortage at any time of year.

Note : do not neglect your belongings. Pickpockets are very good at Martinique, particularly on the beaches, so try not to carry valuables.

Belize - Belize is not just a tax haven, as you'll see anyone visiting this small Central American country. His past as part of the mighty Mayan empire has been conducive to the combination of some archaeological gems with its natural beauty, especially the coral reef that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean or Australia. Tourists are few and the country is largely unexplored, making Belize in a desirable destination.

Note: It is going in the summer. Winter in Belize, although warm, very humid and rainy.

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